About Us

In the direction of artist Jack Liu and general manager Vincent Du,we believe the sculpture we create will not let customers down.

Jack Liu

Jack Liu has been specialized in designing and creating bronze statues for over 20 years. He has a deep love in art and sculpture.He would never know he had the special feeling and talent for sculpture until he attended a art show with his mother when he was a child. It's the love towards art that started his road being a sculpture apprentice just since 15 years old. After finishing 3 years’ learning career,he bid farewell to his teacher and travelled in various country (like Europe,American, France etc) in order to expand his horizon.

The abundant knowledge towards various environment and culture woke up his talent in sculpture totally. Since back to motherland, he has be able to design and create statues both animal and figures expertly. What's more,the custom-made memorial statues he created have been vastly appreciated from customers.Many customers has become friends with him because of the excellent custom-made statue for their family member who has passed away.He think it is more valuable than any awards he has won

Meet Vincent Du

Since 2001,this incredibly creative designer with an eye for the unusual,has taken the global sculpture market by storm with his distinctive designs and must-have statue pieces.

Vincent Du is an iconic Chinese young artist who has built a global brand. As a young who believed in “Do what you love most” Vincent quitted his well-paid job and fully invested his time and abilities in art. He founded Vincentaa Sculpture Company LTD in 2006, a group of talented and professional artist combining artistic flair with experience to create an extensive range of distinctive statues and sculptures.Today,his company designs and manufactures a meticulously crafted product range of over 3000 items and distributingaa to customers around the world.

Vincent is enthusiastically travelling around the world to study and work with other great founders to expand his studio practice and forever striving to experiment and meet the demand for his time.