The Origin and Story of Peeing Boy Statue

The Origin and Story of Peeing Boy Statue


Many people is very interested in peeing boy statue.I do believe it is a lovely boy and the mascot of Belgium.Do you know the story of statue of boy peeing?Let us enjoy it together now!

The Capital of Belgium - Brussels is an ancient city of long historical culture. Every year, countless travelers will come here from all over the world. There is one person they never forget to visit, the “First Citizen”.

The “First Citizen” is neither a princess or master, nor some celebrities, but a bronze little boy child statue, standing on a building at the junction of Stoofstraat and Eikstraat. He has pretty curl hair, naughty smile on his face. The nude boy is peeing with little stomach atilt, one arm akimbo, not a bit caring about surroundings.

Why is the body called “First Citizen”? There are many versions of legends, but the favorite version of Brussels Citizens is:
Long time ago, Brussels was invaded by foreign enemies. The citizens rose up and the enemies had to evacuate from Brussels. However, just at the night before evacuation, they buried lots of bombs around the downtown, intending to destroy Brussels. They lighted the blasting fuse and left. By coincidence, the boy got up to pee at midnight. He found the burning blasting fuse reaching to end with “Creak” sound and extinguished it with pee, rescuing the whole city.

The Brussels citizens decide to establish a statue to commemorate the boy. In 1619, the Belgium Artist Duquesnoy completed the statue. He perfectly grasped the scene the boy peeing and create the fountain statue. The murmuring water flow sprays downward day and night, saying the respectful legend of the cute boy.

The boy statue is so adored by Brussels Citizens. In 1747, the France King - Louis XV should send troops to steal the statue. As a result, all the Brussels Citizens flew into rage. Finally, the Louis XV was forced to return the statue to calm down the rage.

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