Bronze Statue of The Little Mermaid

Bronze Statue of The Little Mermaid


The Little Sitting Mermaid Bronze Statue is located at the port of Langelinie Park, Copenhagen, Denmark. It’s made by Denmark Sculptor - Edvard Eriksen (1876-1959) inspired by Daughter of the Sea.

is one of the most famous fairy tale written by Denmark writer - Andersen, which says a tragic but emotional story
The little mermaid is the youngest daughter of Sea King, she is a beautiful girl with fish tail. On her birthday of 15 years old, she found a large ship striking reef and sinking into the sea. Sinking with ship, there is a handsome prince. She rescued the prince exhausting all her strength and fell in love with him, which, however, is never known by the price and he got married with other girls. In the end, the little mermaid sacrificed her love just for the sake of happiness of the price.

On 23th, April, 1913, with full fatherly love, Ericcson placed the little mermaid statue on the seaside. On a huge stone, a nude girl sits on her knees. She has slim body and slender arms. The slightly left fish tails can still be indistinctly seen on her shanks, and that may mean she just came from waves. Different from what described in the fairy tale, she is not waiting for someone with her head left, staring the remote gap between sky and sea, expecting the Prince’s mast emerging there. She is deep into contemplation, we can feel a pathetic poetry from her melancholy expression. What is she thinking of? Everyone has their own answer.

The little mermaid statue suffered through many times of calamities after it’s completed. In 1914, the head of the statue disappeared without any expectation. Luckily the mold was reserved, and the statue was recast. In 1984, one arm of the statue was stolen, but stung by conscience, the thief returned the arm finally. In 1995, the head of the sculpture was stolen the second time, which aroused fierce public condemning. In the end, the thief returned it forced by public pressure. In 2003, a group of rats exploded the bottom of the statue, levering it off the base and pull it into water. However, we trust the Little Mermaid will come through all difficulties and return to the seaside someday, adored by the whole world.

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