Ancient and Contemporary bronze horse sculpture

Ancient and Contemporary bronze horse sculpture


     Whether for the East or the West, the ancient horse was and to some still is the most convenient way to get around and so people have shown deep affection for horses. Some artworks can be a good reflection of this point, for example, some poetry and paintings have the horse as the focus. Many people love to make bronze horse statue life size, and these life size statues must looking good when putting in lawns. Now we introduce some representatives of ancient horse sculptures and horse contemporary art. 

    The most famous is the Chinese Flying Horse statue dating from the Han Dynasty (206 BC–220 AD). As part of China's national heritage, the Flying Horse statue highlights the ancient Chinese sculpture and represents the highest level of art. The whole bronze sculpture is only supported by a horseshoe touching lightly on a flying swallow. It is because the craftsmen calculated the exact center of gravity and thus made the whole sculpture stable, the artwork depicts the spirited and heroic look of the horse. Now this sculpture is very popular with many people who also love the image of this classic bronze carving, with its three feet floating in the sky. 

    China's Tang Dynasty (618–907) horse sculpture is also very characteristic, from the tombs of Taizong Tang (named Shimin Li) it well reflects the horse breeds that the people at that time preferred. The horse is round and magnificent, the legs are flexible and powerful and the eyes look intense. 

    People still love horses and horse sculptures are also very popular these days. Here we introduce some fine artworks of modern horse statues, the first being a replica of the Chinese Flying Horse statue. 

0 chinese flying horse statue.jpg

    A variety of horse statues show the peoples love for horses, the following large horse sculpture can be placed in a square. The horse is seen as galloping at full speed. The horses head and the muscles on the body and other details are shown athletically. The facial expression of the horse even reflects its arrogance when it is running. 

    The sculpture shown below is the image of a vintage bronze walking horse statue. He bows his head down slightly, with a reserved look in his eyes, the ears erect to keep aware of the surroundings and with its tail curled up it is enjoying the leisurely walk. The bronze horse body color is done by using a retro bronze style, creating highly appreciated artistic pleasure. 

3 walking horse.jpg

    Next to this is a more popular horse sculpture, it is very suitable for outdoor decoration such as parks, gardens, landscaping etc. This artwork shows the scene of the horse running. The horse is round and powerful, with a reddish brown coat and with its tail and mane flying with the wind, with a spirited stature the horse is shown as an appropriate depiction of a horse’s athletic movement. 

    In addition to the above displays for the garden or lawn, we can also combine a horse and fountain together to create a horse fountain sculpture, the most famous one in the world is the wild horse galloping sculpture. By adding a fountain to the pool, we can create the effect of water splashing everywhere as if the horse is crossing through the water. This truly demonstrates the wild nature of the horse. 

mustang statues.jpg

    The metal horse sculpture can make a good display of horse’s nature and its carving details. Compare to marble horse sculpture which always being white horse sculptures, the bronze horse sculpture can make a bit more choice. No matter what material it is made of, the horse is always being a popular model within animal sculpture. 

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