Arabian Horse Bronze Sculpture:Keep him in Your Mind Forever

Arabian Horse Bronze Sculpture:Keep him in Your Mind Forever


To ask how can you keep your favorite Arabian horse’s vigorous posture in your mind? The best answer must be to customize a Arabian horse bronze sculpture for it.

Arabian horses have refined, wedge-shaped heads, a broad forehead, large eyes, large nostrils, and small muzzles. Most display a distinctive concave, or "dished" profile. Many Arabians also have a slight forehead bulge between their eyes, called the jibbah by the Bedouin, that adds additional sinus capacity, believed to have helped the Arabian horse in its native dry desert climate. Another breed characteristic is an arched neck with a large, well-set windpipe set on a refined, clean throatlatch. This structure of the poll and throatlatch was called the mitbah or mitbeh by the Bedouin. In the ideal Arabian it is long, allowing flexibility in the bridle and room for the windpipe.Because the Arabian horse is a smart and keen, especially for their endurance and gentle temperament, Arabian horse always being the first choice of endurance training horse. You also can frequently see Arabian horse in some equestrian training and events as their advantages above.

There was a client who asked us to customize a bronze statue of the same size for his Arabian horse named Seven to record the most glorious moment of his favorite Arabian horse. He provided us with some pictures of Seven’s jogging and describe Seven's demeanor and favorite things to do. His enthusiasm was very impressed on us. We finished the arab horse sculpture 3D model of Seven according to the photos quickly, the customer is very surprised upon seeing the original 3D model. His Seven came from Seglawi descent, looking very clever, only 145cm(about 57 inches) high, with beautiful dark red body fur, which eyes are bright and the neck is slender and beautiful. The customer also told us that Seven’s eye sparkled wit the brightest and honestest good-humour. Our experienced artist Jack Liu carefully modified the model to match Seven’s image. A perfect model is finished, the next step is the production of bronze sculpture for Seven. Finally, customer was very satisfied with the excellent hot patina, it makes horse statues vivid and noble. He put Seven's sculpture on the lawn, back to us the photos. It was a very pleasant cooperation. Due to our customer’s requirements, we regret that we can’t show these pictures here. But we can still find some nice pictures of Arabian horse bronze sculpture for your appreciation.

1.Walking Arabian Horse Sculpture

Walking Arabian Horse Sculptur.jpg
This is a carefully carved bronze walking Arabian horse sculpture, which walking posture is very elegant and the shape of this horse is exceedingly good.

2.Golden brown Arabian horse sculpture

Golden brown Arabian horse sculpture.jpg
his golden brown Arabian horse sculpture, also in the elegant walking, slightly slanting head, as well as towering tail, a good depiction of it da da Da line forward elegant gesture.

3.Bronze Arabian Foal Statue

Bronze Arabian Foal Statue.jpg
This is a statue of a Arabian foal. Beautiful red fur with dark brown limbs, black horsehair and horsetail. It is obviously to find that this is a small foal and not yet grow up, and we also can find this point from the horse’s childish demeanor. This baby horse is lively and cheerfully running on the lawn.

The case of that customer's sculpture order for his Arabian horse made me initiation of the idea of writing this article, and we were all infected with his passion. Hope that more people can know of this good idea.

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