6 Factors to Decide Custom Bronze Statue Cost

6 Factors to Decide Custom Bronze Statue Cost


Hundreds of customers have asked me "how much does a custom bronze statue cost?", then I usually only give a price (including clay mold cost and casting cost). Some customers even asked me why there were a difference of the price you quote compared to others,even sometimes it was very big. Here I would like to talk about the 6 factors to decide the cost of a custom bronze statue.

1.Complication of Your Design

Different designs have different complication, different complication gives us different difficulty. The more difficult your design is, the more time our artist team has to spend which also mean that it will take more labor cost to finish. For example, if your design is for a celebrity, like president of Togo (our project case in 2015) and not for a enlarged Decorative statue, then, it will take our artist team much more time to study the background and facial details. Also during clay mold making, it will also take us much more time than usual.

2.Artist Level

For same custom bronze statue project, different artists in different level will give you different quality clay mold. Every one want top quality and high level means high cost, which is common!

3.Bronze Material

There are 2 kinds of bronze material for a custom bronze statue -- Bronze and Brass. For bronze, we also have Silicon Bronze, Tin Bronze and Recycled Bronze; Silicon Bronze is the best bronze material for casting custom bronze statue and has the best performance for corrosion resistance. Of course, its price is also the highest. Recycled bronze is usually bought from a reclamation depot. They are usually scrap bronze and no one knows its accurate composition. For brass, we have brass with 63%-67% copper and Recycled Brass, same to bronze, no one knows the accurate composition of recycled brass. For some suppliers, they use the cheapest recycled brass to replace silicon bronze or brass.

4.Wall Thickness

The thicker of wall thickness is, the more bronze material will be used for casting, which means the cost of bronze material will be higher. But the thicker, the better welding & chasing effect it will be.

5.Casting Technique and Casting Materials

6.Transportation and import Cost

If it is not easy to import to your country or the distance is very far, then you have to take the import cost and transportation cost into consideration. It is better to ask the supplier to quote you such kind of cost including casting cost and clay mold cost .


Is there any difference of custom bronze statue cost between China and other countries like USA, Europe and Russia?
I have to say, there is really big difference. Usually the price (including all charges from China to your home) from China is 20%-40% lower than these countries but in same quality. This is because the labor cost and material cost are much lower. So if you are seeking for lower cost for your custom bronze statue, then you should come to the suppliers in China. All cost from Chinese suppliers are lower, but this does not mean the quality of those Chinese suppliers are all in same quality as the quality from USA and Europe. You should open your eyes and focusing on some key points to find the proper one. Almost all Chinese suppliers who can make custom bronze statue say they can make it in good quality. If I were you, I wouldn't trust what they say, I would try to study the project cases they have made, their artist level and the casting technique to figure out if they can give me good quality.

What is the procedure of making a custom bronze statue?
"1.Confirm all your requests about the custom bronze statue
2.We give your our best price
3.We sign a contract, you transfer the advance payment and then we start to make the clay mold
4.After the clay mold is finished, we send you photos of all details of this clay mold 5.Changes and alterations are made to the mold.
6.We will move to casting procedure with your approval for the clay mold
7.After patina, we will send you photos again to show you all details of the finished custom bronze statue.
8.Packing and delivering"

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