Custom Bronze Statues

A bronze statue will last forever,that is why it is crucial to choose a excellent
and professional artist to create an original bronze statue that will convey the spirit of the memorial.

Commission An Original Statue

As we all know that “Art originates from life” For artist,it is even a belief.From abstract conception to vivid sculpture,as partner,client and our professional

Such custom statue are usually used for recalling family or friends,commercial display,public memorial,and historical monument…What is more, these artworks or a wall plaque tells us a story!Remind you of a great moment, give you a deep relief or just make you smile, as you remember a person or that special event.

A bronze statue will last forever.So,finding the right artist to create your sculpture only belongs to you is crucial.Jack Liu specializes in customizing sculptures for clients in the past 6 years, mainly include family,president,hero,elite,classical reproductions etc.He will help you to reflect what you are looking for and guide what youshould do. Thus,finish the sculpture you desire.If you are interested, you can clik here to see our Projects of Custom Bronze Statue we has ever made

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How to Commission A Sculpture

1.You supply us with several photographs with dimensions and deadline

2.Quote given to client

3.First payment due & clay mold begins

4.As the mold is being made, we are in constant contact with you showing the progress.

5.Changes and alterations are made to the mold. The mold will only be cast after your approval

6.The sculpture is cast in Bronze.custom bronze patriotic sculpture

7.Patina and a protective wax coating are hand-applied.

8.We Deliver, You Enjoy!

Main Category Of Custom Statue

Basic Time line For Your Custom Bronze Sculpture:

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Customer Feedback

I receive the statue this week.The driver of the truck could not unload them off the truck, and I know it is not your fault. So we opened the box, and unloaded it. it is so beautiful! I love it!! It is even more vivid than the pictures.

Daniel | USA

Hello,Vincent,I have installed this President of Togo.And so many people come here to square for celebrating.I am so excited with your artwork.

Papalee | Togo

Thanks,Vincent,You help me to let Jordan L Honan live in my heart forever.

Rose | Australia