Custom Family Rose Sculpture

Custom Family Rose Sculpture


This is one of our high quality bronze monument statue made for a Canadian couples who lost their son in a car accident in 2014. According to their requests, they want a monument of the most memorable moment: the boy used to sit on the bench afternoon and enjoying the peaceful sunset. This project is very complicated due to the exactness of his parent’s requisition. Before us, there were two companies tried initially and non of them met their satisfaction. Until they finally discovered us on the internet.

Thanks to our well-skilled team of professional artists, we excellently put all the details concerning precise colors of his favorite green shirt with his hat on his lap, style of bench, sitting position, texture and his emotions into a life size(1.8 meters high) high quality bronze statue. keeping the deceased parent in a state of shock on how these could be perfectly done within a limited time and with an affordable price.

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